How To Build A Brand Website

Building a Personal Brand Website: Why?

If you’re reading this, you’re on my new site. Thanks for stopping by!

For the last couple of years, I’ve done all my writing on the Blue Cliff Media site, but it never sat well with me. Back when I first started posting on social, I went through the whole personal vs professional profiles dilemma. “Do I post on my personal twitter, my business Twitter… or both!?”. In the end I decided to go for my personal brand. I removed the Blue Cliff Media Facebook page, created a Gavin Bell one and branded all my other channels as my name.

Why? People engage with people. Social media is all about connecting with people. I know from my own user behaviour that I’m far more likely to engage with an account if it is a person, rather than a logo.

It’s been a good move so far. I’ve seen more engagement, I’ve developed better relationships, I’ve saved a ton of time (don’t have to post to double the number of accounts) and the business has grown as a result

Before, whenever I had something to share, it would always come from the Blue Cliff Media blog… and again, it didn’t quite sit right. The journey people were taking from Gavin Bell Twitter > Blue Cliff Media site > Product/Service wasn’t as fluid and congruent as I wanted it to be. I also wasn’t happy with the Blue Cliff Media branding either, but that’s a story for another day.

Over the last few months I’ve been busy working behind the scenes with help from the guys at Contain Nuts to build this new website. I wanted it to be easier for people to find me, engage with me and also for it to be a place I felt comfortable to be myself. It’s been a ride getting here… But I’m delighted it’s done!

Saying that, this site will continue to change and improve over time – it’s only the beginning ☺️

I guess this site is almost a test. I’m testing my theory of how people engage with others online. I’ll share my results in the next few months but I’m expecting to see steady traffic growth – hopefully exceeding the numbers I saw over one bluecliffmedia.com.

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