37 Business Lessons 2 years

37 things I’ve learned from my first 2 years in business

2 years ago today, I launched Blue Cliff Media.

I launched the business after reading the 7 Day Startup.

Oh my WORD. What a journey.

I’ve gone from having to work in a call centre to pay the bills, to working with some dream clients. It’s been a journey of ups and downs. One that’ll have many more I’m sure. Here’s a few things I’ve learned over the last couple of years:

1. Time is your most valuable asset – protect it

2. Actively disqualify prospects – only let the best through

3. Hire people to do the things you can’t

4. If you’re not making money it’s a hobby

5. Find the right mentor

6. At the beginning say yes to everything

7. Start saying no more ?

8. Make it unbelievably easy for people to buy from you

9. Create video

10. Learn the art of communication

11. Audit yourself and your skills – go all in on strengths & be wary of weaknesses

12. Have a huge goal you’re working towards

13. Go with your gut

14. Do what makes you happy

15. Health is always #1

16. You’re gonna have to work harder than you thought

17. Your todo list never ends

18. Invest in yourself

19. Bad clients suck

20. Put your prices up

21. Get rid of poisonous people and relationships ASAP

22. Content distribution is arguably more important than creation

23. Facebook ads can be a total pain in the ass, haha

24. Don’t complain. Nobody cares.

25. Read How to Win Friends and Influence People

26. Ensure all your files are backed up to the cloud

27. Audit expenses frequently – cull the ones that aren’t required

28. If you don’t work well from home – get an office or work elsewhere

29. Charge upfront

30. Just because a business is well known doesn’t mean they’ll pay

31. Productise your offering as best as possible

32. Be confident in who you CAN’T help

33. Be more human in your marketing

34. Hang out with people better than you

35. Be patient

36. Most people won’t ‘get it’

37. You need to love what you do

I can’t wait to see what the next 2 years bring! What’s the number 1 lesson you’ve learned since you launched your business?

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