Welcome to the Funnels and Growth Podcast

Welcome To The Funnels & Business Growth Podcast!

I’m super excited to share this with you.

Around this time last year, I launched my podcast the Funnely Enough Show.

It was super fun, incredibly valuable and I had a real focus on where I wanted it to go.

I feel we had something special with the show. We would play games with the guests, ask them unique questions and the feedback we received reflected that.

But after season 1, something changed…

I bought into the “Gary Vee” content model of creating 3456789 bits of content from one “pillar” piece.

And instead of creating an original show, I tried turning my YouTube videos into podcasts (and then into blogs…)

But that doesn’t work – you lose focus on what really matters: creating incredible content for the specific platform.

And I’ve been itching to make amends…

Over the last few months, me and the team have been working hard to create something new and something special.

“Not just another boring business podcast” haha

And here she is… The Funnels & Business Growth Podcast.

New name. New set up. New concept. New everything, really… ?

Here’s the first episode of the re-launced show, where I:

  • Share the podcasting journey I’ve been on – how I screwed up and what I’m doing to fix it
  • Talk about the new show concept and how I aim to make it different
  • Talk about the system we’ve been developing over the last few years


Who is the show for?

Business owners who are INCREDIBLE at what they do. They have case studies, testimonials & get amazing results with their clients.

But… they don’t get enough leads or customers through the door. And that Hurts.

They rely on luck, hustle & hope to grow their business…when what they really need is a marketing system.

A system that allows them to build their audience, generate leads on autopilot and ultimately live the life of their dreams.

On the show, we aim to uncover the marketing secrets and strategies that can change their life. 


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