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How Local Businesses Can Grow Using Facebook! (Funnel Critique Friday #1)

I’m very excited about this.

A couple of weeks ago in my Facebook group, I posted to ask if anyone would like me to critique their funnel.

Not everyone in the group had a ‘funnel’ so I opened it up to:

Their marketing funnel

Their Facebook page

Their content

Their Facebook ads

I got a huge response from the members, so decided to launch Funnel Critique Friday’s!

Every week in my Facebook group, I’m going to go live to critique the marketing funnels of the members. The first session was hugely valuable. We talked about:

How to create better, more engaging content as a local business
How to make your ads more engaging, so you can drive more sales, not just likes
How to sell more tickets to your events

…and lot’s more!

Here’s the replay of the first session.

[color-box] If you’d like to join the Facebook group to join us on the funnel critique sessions, simply click here to join! [/color-box]


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