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Facebook ads strategy small business

SIMPLE 3-Step Facebook Advertising Strategy For Small Business (2019)

Facebook advertising can feel like a bit of a catch-22 for small businesses. You need to make money to run ads, but you also need ads to make money.

When you’re a small business, money is tight and therefore it’s vital you have a solid Facebook advertising strategy. Without a strategy, you will struggle to see the returns you need.

Facebook ads can be one of the fastest ways to make money, but it can also be one of the quickest ways to lose money – if you get it wrong.

Simple Facebook Ads Strategy For Small Businesses

In this Facebook ads tutorial, I walk you through the simple 3-step Facebook advertising strategy that has created huge amounts of success for our agency clients around the world, no matter what niche, industry or space they’re in.

Free Facebook advertising blueprint: Click here to download the exact formula we use for our Facebook advertising campaigns.

Step One: Create Incredible Video Content

Content can be in the form of blogs, videos or podcasts, but video is by far the best.

When we create content for our funnel, our main aim is to build trust with our potential customers.

If we create video content that:

  • Answers the questions you’re always asked by potential customers
  • Solves the problems your potential customers have
  • Helps with any pain points you know your customers have

They’re going to consume it and if the content is good enough, they’ll start to like and trust you.

Step Two: Create An Irresistible Lead Magnet

The next step is to create a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something a prospect downloads for free in return for their email address/contact information, such as a:

  • Free Guide
  • Free Ebook
  • Webinar
  • Video Series
  • Free tool/software

It needs to be hugely valuable and relevant to your original content.

By inviting someone to download your lead magnet, you’re deepening the relationship and opening a new stream of communication. They’re giving you their contact information and by downloading your guide, showing us that they’re interested in that topic.

Step Three: Use Facebook Retargeting Ads

Once someone has downloaded our lead magnet, we want to push them further into our funnel – by getting them to purchase something.

One of the best ways to do this is through Facebook retargeting ads.

Retargeting is where we serve an ad to someone based on the fact they’ve already consumed our content. For example, in Facebook we can retarget anyone that’s watched our videos (from step one). Or we can retarget anyone that’s given us their email (step two).

When someone receives this ad from us, they should already know, like and trust us… meaning they’re much more likely to buy.

Check out this training video for more information on each of these steps. It’s a great video!

The Exact 5-Step Process To Generating Profit From Facebook

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