Chris Marr - Content marketing & stoicism

Ep 10: Developing Stoicism & Content Marketing – With Chris Marr

In episode 10 of the Funnely Enough Show, I talk to content marketing leader, Chris Marr.

Chris believes content marketing is the only way to set business leaders free from the world of mediocre interruption marketing.

He is raising the bar on talent curation, leadership, personal development, and community building. His pioneering work has changed the lives of hundreds of businesses, all through the power of Content Marketing.

I speak to Chris about:

  • Chris, we’ve known each other for a good few years. We’ve had many a deep conversation… often about the importance of communication. You’re on a journey of continuing to improve your communication and I know you study philosophy. Where did this journey begin? Take me back to when you realised you first wanted to improve these things.
  • You’re big into your stoic philosophy, but what impact has that had on your business? Is it something all business owners should seek to develop?
  • I loved the video you made with the kids, teaching them things around the house, using only questions. How has your coaching philosophy helped fatherhood?
  • I know you’ve spoken a lot about how being a Dad has helped you become more productive and creative – because of the limiting time. For the people out there listening, how can they simulate this to become more creative?

Find out more about Chris here: https://www.thecontentmarketingacademy.co.uk/

Game Leadership Board:

  1. Mark Asquith 10/10
  2. Mark Schaefer 8/10
  3. Ann Handley 7/10
  4. Chris Brogan 7/10
  5. Mari Smith 7/10
  6. Rand Fishkin 7/10
  7. Kate Erickson 5/10
  8. Kim Garst 5/10
  9. Chris Marr 4/10
  10. Marcus Sheridan 4/10

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