Facebook Ads Audit
Running Facebook ads and not seeing the return or profit you'd like? Then my Facebook ads audit is what you need!
NOTE: I only do 3 of these per month - buy now before I get booked up!
What's involved?
  • I'll check your current and previous campaigns for any issues, such as using the wrong campaign objective, poor audience targeting, faulty conversion tracking and general 'holes' in the funnel. 
  •  Ensure all the ‘plumbing’ is set up. I'll check to see whether your Facebook page, Facebook pixel, Google analytics and custom audiences are all set up properly.
  •  The best ad in the world won't perform if your ads are targeting the wrong audience. I'll take a look at your audience targeting to ensure you're hitting the people most likely to convert.
  •  I’ll take a look at your copy and creative across the funnel
What do you get?
  • A list of actionable recommendations and improvements. We’ll go over these on a 30 minute Skype call, so you know exactly what I’m talking about. You can then go away and take action - or we can do it for you, if you choose.
  •  A recording of our call for future reference - you can work your way through the recommendations after our call at your own pace
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