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Writing Sales Pages That Boost Conversions & Generate Big Profits | With Dani Paige

As you’ll know, in the online world we often like to launch new products or services to build excitement and generate sales. So in this episode, Dani Paige talks all about creating sales pages to boost conversions for your next launch.

Dani has led many business owners to 6-figure launches, and she believes that connecting with readers through the words you write is what can truly take your funnel to new heights.

My key takeaways from this episode are:

  • How to write entertaining copy
  • How to get your personality into your copy – so people actually read it
  • The importance (and how to) build rapport on a sales page and in all your writing
  • When to use a serious tone and when to be more light-hearted
  • ⅓ sales page should be about problems. ⅔ about the solution. Write the ⅔ first.
  • How to take your “lifeisms” and turn them into learning points for email etc (finding stories)

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