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Why Selling High-Ticket Beats Cheaper Product/Services – With Marjo Pajaj

In this episode I interview Marjo Pajaj all about creating and selling high ticket offers.

Marjo has had multiple 6-figure months so knows exactly how to help industry experts package their knowledge and expertise into high ticket offers.

Marjo explains not only what a high ticket offer is but who should have one as well as how to create and structure that offer. He also explains his ACED framework for attracting, converting, enrolling and delivering and having a process for each stage. This is gold dust for those ready to sell a high ticket offer!

My key takeaways from this episode:

  • What is a high ticket offer? $3000+
  • Why have a high ticket offer? It attracts a better clientele + you have a deeper connection and better service
  • To craft a high ticket offer, you need to be prolific. You need to provide a new opportunity for people. And you need a process that gets results. It needs to be a repeatable system.
  • An offer is a promise. If you buy this and follow the process, you’ll get this result.
  • Mario’s ACED framework with one process for each stage:
  1. Attraction
  2. Conversion
  3. Enrolment
  4. Delivery

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