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When Should You Hire An Ad Agency? (Avoid These Common Mistakes) | With Lisanne Murphy

When you decide to run Facebook ads, you have two options: hire an agency to run them for you, or do it yourself. When is the right time to outsource your ads? What are the mistakes most businesses make when hiring an agency?

To help answer these questions, I interviewed Lisanne Murphy who is the creator of Midas Touch Social, a Facebook ad agency and educational platform that have taken 3 companies over the 7-figure mark in the last year!

My key takeaways from this episode:

  • If you don’t have consistent lead gen, your business will die.
  • In a survey of FB advertisers, 50% surveyed had no idea if ads were working or not
  • Facebook ads amplify whatever is happening. If your business/offer sucks, FB ads will amplify the suck. If it’s doing well, it’ll amplify that.
  • If you’re just starting, use Facebook ads to buy data. Not to get instant sales. It’s a mindset shift.
  • YOU, as a client, must take responsibility for the data
  • Educate yourself as a business owner so you can have better conversations with your agency

The Exact 5-Step Process To Generating Profit From Facebook

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