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Use Content Marketing To Attract The Right Clients (And Repel The Wrong Ones) | With Martin Huntbach

In this episode, I interview Martin Huntbach to discover how to attract perfect customers through content marketing (whilst repelling the bad ones…)

Martin is the cofounder of Jammy Digital, a web design agency, and the “Make Your Mark Online” membership site, where they teach business owners how to transform their website into a sales machine.

Not just that, but he and cofounder, Lyndsay, have just released their book Content Fortress – that helps people use content marketing to attract the right clients; and to repel the wrong ones. 


My key takeaways from this episode are:

  • 90%+ of their proposals go ahead because of their content. They’re well educated and they know about price from the outset.
  • Content can solve problems before they become an issue
  • Create a “what happens next?” piece of content – easy win
  • Create a piece of content outlining every step in the sales process
  • Use content to create a VIP element to your business
  • Should price be on your website? Martin shares his experience and how to do it
  • Why Martin ensures people have consumed content before booking in a call
  • “People don’t care what you say; they care about what you publish”

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