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The Secrets To Writing High-Converting Emails (Easily!) – With Brittany Bayley

In this episode of the Funnels & Growth Show, I interviewed Brittany Bayley who is best known for helping online course creators & coaches get intentional about their marketing & mindset so they can live life on their terms. She’s also the founder of Email Copy School and the host of the Your Intentional Life podcast. We talked all about how to write emails that CONVERT!

I was introduced to Brittany around 3 months ago. I put a post on Facebook asking for an email copywriter. I got a ton… like 30. And I went through every single one to see who was best – who had content and who was recommended. And one name that popped up numerous times was Brittany!

My key takeaways from this episode are:

  • How to design a “productised service” and stop being acting as a freelancer doing everything
  • How to structure emails that make people read them
  • How to tell better stories and weave them into the emails you create
  • What should you email sequence look like once someone opts into your list
  • How often you should be emailing your list – and when you should write more

The Exact 5-Step Process To Generating Profit From Facebook

You will receive a FREE PDF explaining the 5 step process you need to take to start generating a return on your Facebook ads.


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