The entrepreneurial journey

The Journey Returns…?

I first picked up a camera 3 years ago with the aim to document my journey as a young entrepreneur. I wanted to share my life, my wins, my losses and everything in between.

Back then, that meant picking up my phone and sharing poorly put together videos. The videos didn’t look good, they didn’t sound good and they never performed particularly well.

But it was a start.

Over the years, I guess my content has changed a fair bit. I’ve learned a ton and my results have gotten better too. Last year my videos were viewed on Facebook over 1.8m times.

That’s CRAZY to me.

Some videos do well, some videos suck. Despite having a videographer, we’re still looking to improve.

But that’s the journey, right? There’s no straight line.

Sometimes things work; sometimes they don’t.

And I want to start sharing that again.

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