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Ep 23: How To Improve Your Performance In Life – With Rob & Kennedy

Rob, a red haired Comedian and hypnotist. Kennedy, a white haired mind reader… they come together to make the hosts of the email marketing show, 3 marketers walk into a podcast and they’re both the founders of ResponseSuite, a drag and drop tool allowing you to make more sales through email marketing… by segmentation.

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I speak to Rob and Kennedy about:

  • You’re both performers obviously – and your stage presence is incredible – I’ve been reading up on impression management and self-presentation theory recently, which is essentially the theory that life and humans is a performance. We put on faces/performances in our lives (ie, job interviews). But thoses faces can become our norms… Were you born with this funny side/performer personality or was it something that you’ve developed over time?
  • Something I’m super interested in is performance – and being the best possible performer. Not faking it, but performing as the best possible version of myself always. Not operating in autopilot. Like an athlete before a race, Do you have to amp yourself up to get on stage, or is performance ingrained in your life?
  • Do you think life is a performance?

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Game Leadership Board:

  1. Mark Asquith 10/10
  2. Mike Morrison 9/10
  3. Mark Schaefer 8/10
  4. Sue B. Zimmerman 8/10
  5. Andrew & Pete 8/10
  6. Lisa Jenkins 7/10
  7. Ann Handley 7/10
  8. Chris Brogan 7/10
  9. Mari Smith 7/10
  10. Rand Fishkin 7/10
  11. Phil Mershon 7/10
  12. Rob and Kennedy 7/10
  13. Paul Ramondo 6/10
  14. Janet Murray 6/10
  15. Bryan Kramer 6/10
  16. Brian Fanzo 6/10
  17. Amanda Robinson 5/10
  18. Kate Erickson 5/10
  19. Kim Garst 5/10
  20. Andrea Vahl 5/10
  21. Chris Marr 4/10
  22. Marcus Sheridan 4/10
  23. Jeff Sieh 4/10

Riddle: The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

Want the answer to this weeks riddle? Be sure to listen 🙂

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