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How to use the sheet

I came up with the sheet after struggling to write ad copy for clients in lots of different industries. Now it’s super simple. Here’s how to use it. 

On the left column, fill out all the problems your customers have. Get specific here. A good way to come up with good answers is by asking “why is this a problem?” after the initial answer.

Example: Nobody is watching their videos, leaving them to feel like a failure.

Once you’ve listed out at least 10 problems, list out at least 10 results. These are the things your customers want to achieve (in relation to their problem).

Example: They want to become a famous YouTube with 100,000 subscribers.

Finally, fill out the middle section: the vehicle. This is where you list how your product/service links the gap between problem & solution. This is typically the benefits you offer.

Example: 6-part course that walks you from 0 subscribers to 100,000.

Once you’ve listed all of this out… this is your ad copy cheat sheet.

Whenever you need to come up with ad copy, refer to your PVR and you’ve immediately got a list of ideas. Here’s how we might turn the above example into ad copy: 

Creating videos every week but struggling to get the  engagement & views you deserve?

You’re not alone.

We’ve all heard that views are just vanity metrics… but you know deep down that the lack of views makes you feel like quitting.

Luckily for you, we have a 6-part course that’s designed to help you grow your channel to 100,000 subscribers (even if you’re starting from 0!)

You get the idea.

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