I grew up in the Shetland Islands – the most northerly tip of the UK. (We did have WiFi, before you ask…). 

My first taste of entrepreneurship came when I was aged 14. I ran a small dropshipping business, buying electronics from China and selling them on eBay. I built my first website at 14 years old which still gets sales to this day! (For some reason, people keep buying a giant glass chess set?)

At the time, I didn’t like living in Shetland. It felt too remote. But looking back, I’m incredibly grateful for being able to grow up in such a beautiful place.


I left Shetland at aged 18. I knew University wasn’t for me. It was never an option. I was, however, accepted into the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy in Manchester.

Moving from Shetland to Manchester was quite the culture change!

The academy was an incredible experience – one in which I was pushed out my comfort zone on a daily basis, whether that was pitching, networking or just having to work incredibly hard… All things that are a normal every day thing for me now – but certainly weren’t back then!

It was in Manchester I launched a corporate wellbeing company called Alba Fitness. I used to place personal trainers into corporate environments (such as call centres) to run corporate fitness programmes.

In 2014 I moved to Edinburgh and two things lead to me launching Blue Cliff Media, the social media agency I run now.

Firstly, working with personal trainers, I realised they were generally terrible at marketing themselves. Secondly, I was reading a book called the 7 Day Startup – a book all about (you guessed it) launching a business in 7 days. I couldn’t resist the challenge.

On June 21st 2015, I finished the book. On June 29th 2015, Blue Cliff Media was born out of my small bedroom.

I offered social media and community management services at the beginning but we eventually carved ourselves a nice wee niche in Facebook advertising. The business continues to grow and we have some amazing clients all over the world.

I’m now an international speaker and multi award winner. I speak at conferences, expos and workshops across the world on marketing, Facebook ads and entrepreneurship.

I love to create.

At the end of 2016 I started a weekly vlog. The main purpose of the vlog is to put a smile on people’s faces and it’s been viewed in the millions which is pretty cool. I’m also a keen writer (blogs – not an author… yet). I’ve been featured in the likes of Huffington PostVirgin.com and Social Media Examiner.

That’s a little about me, have a look around the site and get in touch – I’d like to find out about you ????