Lisa Jenkins

Ep 13: How To Get Featured in Major Publications – With Lisa Jenkins

In episode 13 of the Funnily Enough Show, I talk to Managing Editor at Social Media Examiner, Lisa Jenkins!

I first met Lisa in person in San Diego earlier this year at the SMMW conference. She’s the managing editor of Social Media Examiner, a website that helps more than 1 million marketers each MONTH!

Lisa is in charge of developing, editing and publishing the content on the Social Media Examiner site.

Listen on Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/how-to-get-featured-in-major-publications-with-lisa-jenkins/id1476836643?i=1000452755507

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1YSiHOZwpkyHdFA17oY144?si=-cEBm6nYRY21Uwbg0762ZQ

I speak to Lisa about:

  • Lisa, as managing editor of Social Media Examiner, you must get inundated with requests from people asking to write for you. So, what makes someone stand out from the crowd? What stops you from archiving those emails?
  • How can a business owner write for large publications (like SME). What should they be looking to do?

Find out more about Lisa here: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/author/lisa-d-jenkins/

Game Leadership Board:

  1. Mark Asquith 10/10
  2. Mark Schaefer 8/10
  3. Lisa Jenkins 7/10
  4. Ann Handley 7/10
  5. Chris Brogan 7/10
  6. Mari Smith 7/10
  7. Rand Fishkin 7/10
  8. Janet Murray 6/10
  9. Bryan Kramer 6/10
  10. Kate Erickson 5/10
  11. Kim Garst 5/10
  12. Chris Marr 4/10
  13. Marcus Sheridan 4/10

Last weeks riddle answer: Lunch & dinner!

Riddle: When it is alive we sing, when it is dead we clap our hands. What is it?

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