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Make Money From Your Podcast (Even If You Have A Small Audience) | With Jamie Atkinson

In this episode I interview Jame Atkinson all about how to make money from your podcast.

After Jamie got involved in the entrepreneurial world, he did something I really respect…He published the truth of his entrepreneurial journey – the warts and all.

And as he did that, found his passion: podcasting.

Realizing that passion, he has since created strategies that all entrepreneurs can use to successfully monetize their podcast and broadcast their message to the world. He does this through the Podcast Profit LAB.

Not just that, but he’s the host of the Change Makers Podcast along with his partner Gina Suzanne. Make sure to check out their free Facebook group: Podcasting 101.

My key takeaways from this episode are:

Why podcasts are a great option

  • 80% of people who sub to a podcast listen to every show vs 20% open rates in email
  • You can create unconsciously and conversationally vs having to act like on video
  • Who should create a podcast.
  • Ask the question “would your audience benefit from this?” when seeking partnerships.
  • Give enough time when interviewing (10 mins before start; 30 min interview and 10 mins at the end).
  • Keep asking questions after the show to build rapport.
  • Ask your guest questions relating to the thing you do.

The Exact 5-Step Process To Generating Profit From Facebook

You will receive a FREE PDF explaining the 5 step process you need to take to start generating a return on your Facebook ads.


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