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How To Grow Your Business To 6 Figures (And Beyond) Without Ads | With Alex S. Elliot

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to grow your business to 6 figures + without ads, right? Listen in as I interview Alex S. Elliot who helps successful (but overwhelmed) online entrepreneurs take back their time (& their lives) by helping them build practically passive income machines with backend email marketing that converts.

Alex is an email copy and monetization expert, creator of the Email Marketing Agency, Profit Finder, and the upcoming “Practically Passive Income” Course & Coaching Program.

My key takeaways from this episode are:

  • Advertising isn’t the only way to drive traffic – organic is arguably better if you can crack it. Where does one start when it comes to their organic marketing strategy?
  • How to create an organic sales launch sequence using your personal profile
  • How to optimise your Facebook profile for conversions (profile funnel)
  • Alex’s Tripe Vs: Visible, Valuable, Vulnerable
  • Why Alex writes in a Google Doc, rather than Facebook
  • Why you don’t have a marketing problem; you have a relationship problem
  • How Alex structures her organic profile posts

The Exact 5-Step Process To Generating Profit From Facebook

You will receive a FREE PDF explaining the 5 step process you need to take to start generating a return on your Facebook ads.


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