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How To Go Viral on TikTok & Leverage The Opportunity | With Jeff Hunter

In this episode I interview Jeff Hunter who helps entrepreneurs and startups build and scale remote teams. He’s the creator of the CORE branding method and founder of VA Staffer, an 80+ person virtual assistant and marketing agency.

All of that is amazing, but perhaps even more so… this guy is a TikTok superstar… a literal one with over 100k followers and 2.6m likes!! So tune in to find out how to go viral on TikTok and leverage the opportunity.

My key takeaways from this episode are:

  • Turning haters into virality, which in turned crashed Jeff’s website (he got a troll comment, replied to it and that video got 20+m views)
  • Riding the wave of virality by producing more and in turn is getting brand deals: a new gaming chair, affiliate money, TikTok creator money etc.
  • Should you be on TikTok?
  • A vital question “How do I leverage this opportunity”?
  • How to be a SAVAGE marketer – which is all about doing things differently. Not being boring. Not the same as everyone else.
  • The 90:10 Rule for content. 90% should be intriguing and fun. 10% should be business related (which should only be on 3-5 different pillars)
  • How Trump communicates successfully
  • How Jeff writes for 30 mins per day (where he comes up with his content)

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