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How To Create Offers That Have People Desperate To Work With You | With Steve Larsen

In this episode of the Funnels & Growth Show, I speak to Steve Larsen who is an expert when it comes to publishing content, making offers & creating funnels that convert like hot cakes. All things we love to geek out on here! Tune in to find out how to create offers that have people desperate to work with you.

My key takeaways from this episode are:

  • To create an amazing offer you need to first have an amazing product
  • A great offer is simply something that is amazingly useful
  • Why Steve has his podcast – because if you control the story, you control the belief
  • Buying is an emotional thing; not logical
  • When selling there are three things: PRICE, COST OF DELIVERING & VALUE (value is the usefulness, or the offer)
  • A CEO’s role is to manage systems. When creating an offer you need to wear 3 hats: CEO, entrepreneur and marketer

About Steve

Steve Larsen was the lead funnel builder at ClickFunnels, where he built over 500 funnels for them and Russell Brunson.

After his time at Clickfunnels he set out on his own and hit his very own 2 comma club (making 1 mil from a funnel) just 13 months later…

His podcast, Sales Funnel Radio, was created to share best practices, teach the finer points of marketing, offer creation, and “funnelology”. Steve’s approach to offers are so attractive that fans body-check their own Grandmas just to buy! Long walks on the beach aren’t his thing but he loves slappin’ five.

Find out more about Steve Larsen and visit his website.

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