Best Video Equipment for entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Vlogging: The Best Vlogging Equipment For Entrepreneurs

My videos have been viewed by millions of people across the world and they've helped to build my business exponentially. One question that keeps coming up when I talk to people about video content is: "How do you vlog?!". It might sound stupid, right? Just pick up a camera and talk to it... but in reality, there's a bit more that goes into it than that.

Best Vlogging Gear – Entrepreneur Vlogger Starter Pack:

Launching my vlog a few years ago was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

My videos have been viewed by millions of people across the world and they’ve helped to build my business exponentially. However, I realise a lot of people still struggle when it comes to creating video content.

One question that I keep getting is: “Gavin, I’m an entrepreneur like you… how do I start vlogging?”

I had no idea what I was doing when I first started vlogging. I spent hours and hours researching the best cameras, microphones, drones, tripods etc. I literally had no idea where to start. I started with just my phone (and recommend you to do the same), but a time will come when you need to upgrade to better equipment.

When that time comes, rather than you spending all that time, this guide will show you exactly what you need to purchase to ensure your vlogs are seen by as many of your customers as possible.

Best Vlogging Gear For Entrepreneurs

Best Camera For Vlogging

Best vlogging camera Canon 70D entrepreneur

My favourite and “go-to” camera is my Canon 70D. As an entrepreneur, you’re probably going to do a mixture of face-to-camera vlogs and out and about videos. This means you need a camera that’s versatile. One that has external mic capabilities but is also light enough to carry around in a bag. Also, a vital for vlogging: it has a flip out screen, so you can see whether you’re in focus or not!

The Canon 70D ticks all the boxes for me. It can take an external mic, allows for wide lenses and takes super sharp videos AND pictures. I purchased 2 lenses with my camera. One wide lens and one normal. I don’t know much about camera’s and lenses (from a geeky camera nerd point of view… but I know these 2 are great).

To check it out, click here: Canon 70D

If you’re not looking for a DSLR and would prefer a more portable vlogging camera, I’d highly recommend the Canon G7X Mark II. It’s an incredible camera. It’s got everything you’d need (except external mic capabilities). It has a flip out screen, sharp video (and decent sound too!). This is the camera EVERY vlogger told me to buy. I used it for a long time before upgrading to my Canon 70D.

Best External Mic For Vlogging

Best External Mic for Vlogging Rode Entrepreneur

My favourite external mic for vlogging is without a doubt the Rode VIDEOMICPRO.

If you decide to purchase the Canon 70D (or another camera), you’re going to want to purchase an external mic. Most cameras have decent internal mics, but most aren’t great. Especially if you plan to be outside, or moving around.

There’s only one vlogging mic I can recommend and that’s the Rode VideoMicPro. It is incredible. The sound it delivers is crisp. It’s simple to use and the battery lasts for ages. My one has had a battering with rain & drops, yet it still sounds great.

Best Tripod For Vlogging

Best Tripod For Vlogging Entrepreneur

A tripod is a must-have for any vlogger.

Whether you’re at your desk shooting a video, or out and about, you need something to keep your shot steady. You can use a pile of books, but I’d highly recommend getting a Joby.

There are different versions and sizes, so be sure to shop around, but they’re the best I have found. Super easy to use and flexible, making it easy to set up good shots.

They’re also great to use as a grip when you’re holding the camera in front of you. This is what the majority of vloggers use.

To check it out, click here: Joby GorillaPod Hybrid Tripod

Best Drone for Vlogging

Best drone for vlogging entrepreneur

You don’t necessarily need a drone, but I’m in love with mine. Drone shots add something special to any video.

My favourite drone by far is the DJI Mavic Air. It’s both lightweight and small and portable, meaning I can just chuck it in my bag whenever I’m out. I used to own a DJI Phantom 3, but that was so big and bulky that I never used it.

The Air shoots in 4K and is super easy to fly, meaning if you want to grab a quick shot of something, you can have it n the air and down again in just a couple of minutes.

To check it out, click here: DJI Mavic Air Drone

As I said at the beginning, starting a vlog is a great move if you’re an entrepreneur looking to build a personal brand. It can be very difficult at first, but it’s so important to start embracing video now.

If you’re looking to build your brand and audience, video is one of the quickest ways to do it. Just check out this interview I did with Col Gray on how he grew his YouTube subscribers from 0-10,000 in a short space of time.

I hope this beginners guide to entrepreneurial vlogging has given you some ideas on what equipment you need to get started.


I created this article as an updated version of my Best Vlogging Equipment article.

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