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Designing Your Dream Life with Jordan Paris

Designing Your Dream Life, NOT Just Living It – With Jordan Paris

In this episode of the Funnels & growth podcast, I interviewed Jordan Paris, founder and creative director of Trend Up Media, a one-stop podcast agency that produces profitable podcasts to help businesses grow in both profit and influence. Jordan believes life is all about NOT making a living, but designing your dream life.

Jordan is someone who I’ve been watching for some time now on LinkedIn… this guy is making waves. He’s been featured in Forbes & Entrepreneur & more. He’s the host of the Growth Mindset University podcast, a show that’s ranked #6 on Apple’s Self-improvement category.

My key takeaways from this episode are:

  • You can tell a lot about someone by looking at their most emphatic traits and realising the opposite is often true. I.e, if someone constantly shows how happy they are online, chances are they’re not happy. If they show how rich they are, chances are they’re not.
  • You need to design your life. Not just live it.
  • The importance of being a “questioniser”. Ask questions, not just out of curiosity… but constantly ask yourself questions about yourself. How could we do this better etc?
  • The importance of pattern interrupts. I.e., don’t just put ads at beginning and end of podcast (that’s saturated stimuli), place them throughout the show
  • When promoting your show, don’t just use “promo” pieces, share the most valuable part of the show. So much so you wonder “why would someone actually listen to the main show?”

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