Ep 24: Creating Killer Content For Each Stage Of Your Funnel – With Dan Knowlton

Dan is a UK-based Digital & Social Media Marketing expert that has grown KPS Digital Marketing into a multi-award-winning business that has worked with global and local brands including Fifa, Nestle, Citibank, Eurotunnel, and Boston Consulting Group.

He is also ranked in the top 100 digital influencers on twitter.

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I speak to Dan about:

  • You and Lloyd create a lot of funny content to promote the agency – how do you come p with these ideas? Is it structured or random? 
  • I read that your Dad had a big impact on you growing up and in business – what exactly was it about your Dad that did that?
  • You said you started working with smaller companies and built it to now larger – how have you done that?

Find out more about Dan here: https://knowltonmarketing.co.uk/

Game Leadership Board:

  1. Mark Asquith 10/10
  2. Mike Morrison 9/10
  3. Mark Schaefer 8/10
  4. Sue B. Zimmerman 8/10
  5. Andrew & Pete 8/10
  6. Lisa Jenkins 7/10
  7. Ann Handley 7/10
  8. Chris Brogan 7/10
  9. Mari Smith 7/10
  10. Rand Fishkin 7/10
  11. Phil Mershon 7/10
  12. Rob and Kennedy 7/10
  13. Paul Ramondo 6/10
  14. Janet Murray 6/10
  15. Bryan Kramer 6/10
  16. Brian Fanzo 6/10
  17. Amanda Robinson 5/10
  18. Kate Erickson 5/10
  19. Kim Garst 5/10
  20. Andrea Vahl 5/10
  21. Dan Knowlton 5/10
  22. Chris Marr 4/10
  23. Marcus Sheridan 4/10
  24. Jeff Sieh 4/10

Riddle: Without me, nothing exists. What am I?

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