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Create Content That Turns Into Profit

Create Content That Turns Into Profit – With BIZBROS

In this 2nd episode of the Funnels & Growth Show Podcast, I interviewed Luis and Luis Camejo, the BIZBROS. We talked about a HUGE topic, how to create content that turns into profit.

These 2 guys were a big inspiration to how I create this show as they have an incredible podcast called Content is Profit.

They’ve spent the last 4 years learning the strategies and techniques from some of the top marketers in the world on how to create content that turns into profit. They’ve worked with the likes of Orangetheory, RedBull, Think Different Theory and many more…

They currently work with long-form content creators (Podcasts and Youtube shows) and turn their content into bite-size value-packed assets so they can multiply their message and impact more people.


My key takeaways from this episode are:

  1. Growth comes from investing in yourself – it’s an investment, not an expense.
  2. Your business grows to the extent that you’ve grown.
  3. The quality of your message in your content reflects in the quality of your video / audio production.
  4. It’s imperative to create conversations in the comments of your content.
  5. You must reduce friction in your content creation process. Figure out all the friction points and come up with ways to reduce or eliminate them.

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