How Do I Create Instagram adverts?

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms available, with over 400 million monthly active users – more than Twitter. It’s also owned by Facebook. Instagram released their ads platform a couple of years ago now and the power of them has grown over time.

They’re easier than ever to create and all businesses – large or small – can use them to their advantage. In this article, I’m going to show you how to create adverts on Instagram. You may or may not be aware that Instagram ads are actually created through the Facebook Ads manager, so the first step is…

1. Choose your objective

Choose Facebook Ads Objectives

Once you’re in the Facebook ads manager and you’ve clicked on create advert, you’re taken to the objective page. With Instagram ads, you can only choose one of the following objectives:

  • Page Post Engagement
  • Clicks to Website
  • Website Conversions
  • Mobile App Installs
  • Mobile App Engagement
  • Video Views

2. Choose your targeting

Facebook Ads Targeting

Once you’ve chosen your ad objective, you’re taken to the targeting page. I’m not going to go into detail here on targeting. If you want to find out more about that, you can click here.

3. Choose your placements

How to create Instagram ads

This is where you choose to place your ad on Instagram. The placements for your ad will automatically be set to: Automatic – recommended. When it’s set to this, Facebook will display your ads in places that are most likely to reach your objective.

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If you click on the choose your placements option, you get the ability to choose where your ad is placed. If you want your ad to be placed solely on Instagram, simply go ahead and uptick all the options, except Instagram.

I’m not going to go into budget and scheduling here as you can view how to properly manage that here.

4. Ensure your Instagram account is connected

Connecting Instagram account

Once you’ve done all of the above, you’ll be taken to the page to design your ad, as per. Here on the left hand side, you’ll see the option for connecting your Instagram account. If it’s already connected, that’s great! If not, just click on Add an Account.

5. Design your advert

With Instagram ads, your design takes shape from an image, headline, text, CTA and a link. Just like a normal ad would. Your ad will look something like this! (Albeit with some better copy & imagery!)

Instagram Advert

Once you’ve designed your ad, simply go ahead and click on place order. Voila! You’ve created an Instagram ad.

Going forward, the tracking of the ad will be exactly the same as how it would be with traditional Facebook ads. You’ll be able to see all the data within the Ads manager.

Free Blueprint: Click here to download the formula we use to create Facebook & Instagram ads that convert.

Instagram ads are a great way to reach your customers in an image-centric fashion. As always, it’s important to understand what sort of people use Instagram and what sort of mindset they’re in on the platform. I’ve seen PPI adverts on Instagram which goes against everything Instagram is all about. If you can create a beautiful looking advert and you know you’re audience is on there, why not give it a shot?

If you’d like to “pick my brains” about anything Instagram ads related, head on over to our social media marketers Facebook group where I’ll answer your question. You’ll also get answers from lots of great marketers too. Simply click here to get involved!