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Become Incredible At Selling (Even If You Have The Fear!) – With David McCall

In this episode of the Funnels & Growth Show, I talk to David McCall all about how to get over your fear and become incredible at selling! And who doesn’t have a wobble now and then before making a sales call, right?!

I’ve worked very closely with David over the last few months and can say that he is a sales genius! He has over 20 years experience in all aspects of sales, having run large-scale campaigns for the likes of O2 and Canon. He now specialises in closing high-ticket sales for many notable online marketers and runs a consultancy business focusing on providing sales training to other business owners.


My key takeaways from this episode are:

  • How to get over the fear of selling?
  • Understand that they’re just a human being
  • Do more selling
  • There’s a correlation between amount of content consumed and ease of sale/quality of lead
  • What is a good lead? As often we don’t know if bad lead or bad sales
  • Improve the quality of leads by understanding your dream customer (their fears, problems, issues – so you can provide a solution) and lead with value (content), consistently
  • How David gets peoples’ guard down on the phone so they are more open to being sold

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