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Ann Handley Interview

Ep 2: Writing World Class Copy & Content – With Ann Handley

On the second episode of the Funnely Enough Show, I chat to a Wall Street Journal best selling author, Ann Handley.

Ann is the owner of MarkingProfs, a marketing & training education company with more than 600k subscribers. She’s one of the most influential marketing speakers in the world… and she is an absolute legend. 

I speak to Ann about:

  • Let’s talk a little about writing – as, let’s face it. That’s something you’re great at. I specifically want to talk about perfection in writing. I know so many business owners crippled by seeking this perfection in their writing. I know you talk about the ugly first draft. When you’re writing something for the first time – how ugly is ugly?
  • When starting out writing blogs etc. I think the tendency is to write how you ‘think’ you should write… all very professional, but most of the successful writers I see, write how they’d speak. How do you get out of that professionalism bug?
  • I’ve seen a few courses recently pop up about how to write great social media copy – with the goal that the lessons will help you write social media copy that gets tons of engagement. What’s your thoughts on that? I know your philosophy is super practical: write more

Learn more about Ann here: and subscribe to her biweekly newsletter:

Game Leadership Board:

  1. Mark Schaefer 8/10
  2. Ann Handley 7/10

Last weeks riddle answer: a book

Riddle: What goes up and doesn’t go down?

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