Do Facebook ads leave you feeling a little overwhelmed? 
Do Facebook ads leave you feeling a little overwhelmed? 
You're not alone. Gain instant access and learn everything you need to know to run successful ad campaigns.
The programme that provides entrepreneurs and business owners with everything they need to know to run successful Facebook ads.
Being part of the Amplify programme enables you to:
  • Stop wasting time trying to learn Facebook yourself
  • Stop wasting time "boosting" posts that are never going to work
  • Start having fun with your marketing again - no more stress! 
  • Get access to me and a community for all the support you need
and much, much more...
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What's included?
Here's a wee tour... make sure your sound is on!
  •  Module 1: Everything you need to know to begin Facebook advertising
Before we get into the thick of learning how to run your campaigns, it's important for us to cover the basics. We're going to go through all the Facebook terminology, as well as take a tour of all the different areas of the Facebook advertising platform. Then we'll cover the structure of an ad campaign and go through all the software required to run a successful campaign. You'll finish module 1 with a strong understanding of Facebook ads and how they work. 
  •  Module 2: Building the required infrastructure
Before we spend a penny on Facebook, it's important to get a few things in place. I like to call this our plumbing. Our plumbing involves things such as installing the Facebook pixel, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager onto our site. We'll be walking you through exactly how to do this, so you can simply copy what you're learning! What we teach in this module is more than just Facebook ads - it's vital for any online marketing. 
  •  Module 3: Determining your goals and budgets
Once our plumbing is in place, it's important to start thinking about the campaigns we want to run. We'll start to draw out what our funnels will look like and we'll determine our goals for those funnels, as well as working out how much we're going to spend. This is where so many people go wrong. They turn their campaigns off after a few days because they don't understand the numbers. You'll get access to a Facebook spend calculator so you know how much you should be spending.
  • Module 4: Targeting the right audiences
The targeting capabilities on Facebook are what make it really powerful. But in order for Facebook ads to work, you need to make sure you're targeting the right people. In this module we dive deep into all things targeting and show you how you can literally reach the right people every single time.

There are some pretty awesome hacks and tricks in this module.
  •  Module 5: Creating compelling adverts
Similarly to targeting, if you get your ad creative wrong, it doesn't matter if you target the right audiences - they still won't convert into leads or sales. In this module we're going to cover how to create amazing ad copy, along with great images and videos for your adverts. We'll also cover things like bidding options and ad placements. 
  •  Module 6: How to manage and optimise ads
It's all well and good creating adverts, but once they're live, how do we know they're working? Interpreting the data we receive is hard. And, quite often we're leaving money on the table by not knowing which ads to turn off and which ones to keep running. This module will show you how to manage your ad campaigns by looking at all the relevant metrics. We'll walk through our proven optimisation process.
  •  Module 7: Creating your own funnels
In this module we'll tie everything up with lessons on creating your own funnels. We'll look at some fun funnels we can create, as well as powerful lead generation and sales funnels. You'll have the opportunity to copy and paste some proven funnels and use them yourself. We'll also look at landing page creation and optimisation.
Ready to do this?
You'll get instant access to everything you need in order to run successful Facebook campaigns.

Please Note: the programme is not for those experienced in Facebook advertising.
One off fee
Only £497
Hassle-free 7 day money back guarantee​
Amplify Mastermind
You can take a step further with our mastermind programme.

If you're looking for a little more support and help, you can go pro. If you do, you'll get:
  • Direct access to me - I'll be there to answer any questions you've got
  •  Access to members community - chat and network with fellow business owners and entrepreneurs
  •  Fortnightly calls - Every 2 weeks we'll jump on a group call to go through any issues you've having 
  • Expert sessions - We'll be getting experts in to help you in other areas of your business
  •  Stay ahead of the curve - You'll be the first to know of any Facebook changes, updates or opportunities
  •  Reviews & support - As you work through the Amplify programme, we'll be on hand to review any of your work to ensure it's set up correctly. We'll dive into your accounts for you to ensure you've made a splendid job!
At just £67/mo, it works out to be just £2.23 per day - less than your daily coffee  😉
What's involved in the mastermind?
Join the membership and get these extra benefits:
1. Weekly Group Calls
Every week we'll all jump on a call to go over any questions, problems or successes that have been in the group. I'll provide feedback, as well has getting feedback from your peers. If there's a certain thing you're struggling with, we can dive deep into that and fix your problem there and then.
2. Access to a community
You'll have access to an exclusive forum where you can chat amongst your peers. Share your wins, moan about your losses... whatever you want to chat about. You'll have people that are in the same boat as you. I'll also be in that forum so can answer your questions when required.
3. Monthly expert led sessions
Every month we're going to have experts in the world of digital marketing coming in and hosting webinars/training sessions. These won't necessarily be about Facebook advertising - but how to Amplify your online efforts in general. These are going to be awesome. 
30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
When you join Amplify, you are fully protected by our satisfaction-guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel at any time within the next 7 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.
Ready to do this?
You'll get instant access to everything you need in order to run successful Facebook campaigns.
One off fee
Only £497
Hassle-free 7 day money back guarantee​
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the content drip-fed or available all at once?
Once you sign up, you'll be given access to all 7 modules at once. You could skip lessons and modules if you wanted. But we strongly advise you go through each lesson and module in order to ensure you learn everything you need to know. By skipping lessons or modules, you may miss out on necessary content.
Will you be adding new content, or is everything there already?
The Facebook advertising platform changes on a daily basis, so we will be constantly updating the lessons to be in line with the latest features. Let us worry about the constant changes :) 

In Amplify Pro we create regular content, including external webinars to teach you more than just Facebook advertising. Going pro is the best way to stay up to date.
Can I still access the content if I get a refund?
No. Once you ask for a refund, your access to the content will be revoked. 
Any questions, just ask
Ready to do this?
You'll get instant access to everything you need in order to run successful Facebook campaigns.
One off fee
Only £497
Hassle-free 7 day money back guarantee​