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How To Get Your First 10,000 YouTube Subscribers

Finding your Youtube channel difficult to grow?

Do you want more subscribers?

Or maybe you’re looking to start a new channel?

Listed below is some great advice from branding expert Col Gray on how he grew his channel from 0-10,000 subscribers. We recently interviewed Col for our Facebook group, to talk about his journey on Youtube.

How you can get your first 10,000 subscribers on Youtube

Get Over The Fear…

That dreaded phrase – Just do it. One of the greatest fears in the social media world is “what will people think?”, “Will they judge me?”, “I don’t have time”, or “I’m too embarrassed”.

But the only way you will grow a successful channel whether that be Youtube or any other social platform is to break the barrier and just do it.

The more videos you create, the easier it gets to create. It’s a catch-22. In the early stages don’t let perfection cripple you. Everyone’s videos improve over time.

Gavin Bell First Video

Just look at Gav’s first video… he filmed a video on Twitter, in a forest, because he was scared of what people would say if they saw him!

Be consistent with it

Uploading consistently (once a week or more) is vital. It’s something that needs to be taken seriously. Video production must be part of your weekly schedule.

If you reduce your video output, your subscribers will mirror this. If you are consistently producing content, the Youtube algorithm is gonna like you ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t delete your old content as this shows your audience your progress and journey. Everyone starts somewhere!

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Create Great Thumbnails

Thumbnails are key so keep them consistent with bold text and be recognisable. This is a powerful feature for your videos as these can appear on both Youtube and Google.

You can build a brand with your thumbnails. If the consumer likes your content, they will continue to pick you from the crowd through the recognition of your brand. The more recognisable you are, your subscribers will grow.

Keep in mind that when creating videos, Youtube will read your thumbnail and your file name. Keep file name, thumbnail and video name consistent.

Video Topic & Keyword Research

Research your topic on Youtube, this will show you how many videos are out there on this subject. This will give you a good indication of the type of content to produce and whether it is worth your while. Google Trends is also a useful tool which will show you how many people are searching for which videos over the last 28 days so you can see which topics are trending and what may do well.


Take the time to learn the basic skills of Youtube i.e. filming, editing and promoting. Your first video may take days, but once you start consistently producing content you will become better and videos will be easier to plan and produce. Video editing can be an effort!

You might need to sacrifice leisure time. Don’t judge your beginning by someone’s middle, if you do this will hinder your enjoyment of your journey and the content creation process.

Dedicate time for long-term returns and do not get fixated on numbers, they will come in time.

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Listen to your customers

Creating video content provides the perfect opportunity to arm potential subscribers with more knowledge. Use your channel as a funnel to bring consumers to your business.

This creates a better journey for both client and business owners – creating more content such as blogs (even if you don’t like writing) can provide beneficial resources to prepare clients with the knowledge they need.

The lessons above were taken from our interview with Col Gray in our Facebook Group. Be sure to check out the full video – there are so many knowledge bombs!

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